Justice for Trevor in Springfield Missouri


Trevor Godfrey

Trevor in the Emergency Room

In January 2012, my son Trevor Godfrey was beaten outside of his home by a group of 6-12 people who were attending a fraternity party next door.

He was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries.

According to a police report,  “one witness said he may not know who assaulted Trevor Godfrey, bu he was certain Kelvin Jones was with the group that was in the same area of the attack at the time it occurred.”

This was the second attack from this mob in less than 30 minutes.

Kelvin Jones.

Witnesses have identified 14 of the people who were at the party — several of whom were seen running from the scene where my son Trevor lay bleeding, hurt and unconscious. Many were on the football team at Missouri State University – Springfield. Others were members of — or connected to — the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

There have been no arrests.

We know that people at the party know who is responsible. We are putting up this web site in the hope that telling the world who they are, they will tell the world what they know. Trevor never saw his attackers and was unable to defend himself,  but we are going to fight back by seeking justice.

So here is what we know, and who we know: The police report along with people who were there.

May God bless you for helping us.

Sherry Godfrey

Trevor’s mom

You can email me here: Sherry@JusticeinSpringfield.com


Byron Hightower

byron hightower photo 2014-03-09 at 4.27.10 PM

Byron Hightower



Byron Hightower Played football for Missouri State University under head coach Terry Allen from 2006-2010. He attended  Raytown South High in Missouri. His most recent residence is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.  He has been identified by a witness as the perpetrator of the assault on Trevor. Continue reading

National Media Attention Recently

It has been a crazy week.  KSPR UPDATE (click to watch the report)  with Joanna Small And Trevor,  I did a radio interview along with Colin Flaherty on the Sean Hannity Show.

In the past week the Knockout Game has received a lot of national attention due to several recent cases in New York and Washington DC. The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Washington Post, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteron, AP, Huffington Post, WND, KSPR. Everyone was talking about it this week. Unfortunatly, we still do not have an arrest with Trevor’s case. But, the public is being informed. And there are a lot of convictions being made across the country.


We have received a multitude of comments from our website,  facebook, and other media outlets.  I have tried to be objective and post all of the comments but I have recently started  removing a few of the comments as some are going in a direction that we do not support.  We want to hear your thoughts, but please be respectful of all people.  The facts are that a crime has been committed and we do not have any arrests.  Please note that I do not have any control over other media  comment boards or what reporters might report.  All information that I have provided was derived from public police reports.

 Our goal is to

…work within our community to make it a safer place for all

 make sure that violence like what happend to Trevor is reported to the public

… hold accountable those responsible for the assault and the coverup   


KSPR 33, KY3, Springfield News Leader Stories

KSPR covers Trevor Godfrey Assault


The ABC affiliate in Springfield just did a great story about what we are doing to find justice for Trevor. Thanks!



Trevor in the Emergency Room




The NBC affiliate in Springfield Reported on out efforts to find the persons responsible for the attack.





Springfield News-Leader Report




The Springfield News-Leader report discussed the other assaults that have happened around the Missouri State Campus.


Omega Psi Phi — the Missouri State University fraternity whose members know something.

Whoever saw the people who assaulted Trevor Godfrey in January of 2012,  chances are they are connected to Omega Psi Phi. the national fraternity.

University records show the Omega Psi Phi is “not active”  at MSU Springfield. Perhaps it has something to do with allegations made in 2009 that one of the fraternity members “paddled” new recruits and was “forcing them to purchase marijuana” for them.

The student making those allegations changed his mind and withdrew his claims. Even so, the university put the fraternity on administrative suspension after it was learned the fraternity had an unauthorized party where alcohol was served.

When the beating took place, a police report says that as many as 20 people were standing outside of the house next door to where Trevor Godfrey lived.

Those who lived at the house were connected to the fraternity: Kelvin Jones and Emmanuel Chapman, whom the university lists as president of the fraternity.

Kelvin Jones and Emmanuel Chapman were having one of their frequent parties, often attended by members of Omega Psi Phi.

Lots of other people at the party were members of the fraternity.  Including some of the football players that police reports describe and drunk and violent and destructive — and outside when the attack on my son took place.

Police reports say Kelvin Jones was outside during the attack, and was seen running from the scene of the beating.  Many of the people running from the scene went into the house. Then left before police arrived, say police reports.

Kelvin Jones said he did not see anything. Hear anything. And he does not know anything.

Someone knows something. But they are not talking.


New information. New suspects. From a new police report.

Here is the new police report from an officer who took over the investigation after the initial investigator went on military leave.

Lots of finger pointing. But no arrests.


I was assigned this case when Cpl. McPhail went on military leave. The Following is my follow up.

On or about April 5, 2012, I contacted Cadarrius Dotson

Cadarrius Dotson

Cadarrius Dotson

at the Hammons Student Center. I introduced myself and advised I was following up on a couple of assaults that happened around the Missouri State University (MSU) campus.

I explained I wanted to know information regarding the assault that took place at 1148 E. Elm on January 28, 2012 (12-3839). Cadarrius Dotson informed me he was at the residence attending a party, but did not see the assault take place. He told me he was inside and had heard the assault took place outside.

When asked about what was said, he claimed to have heard about it, but did not know who was responsible for striking the male. I asked him if

he had heard about ***** the individual who had struck the male and Cadarrius Dotson informed me that he did not recall ****** being present at the party.

I then questioned him about the assault that took place near the intersection of Madison and Roanoke (12-9766) regarding the individual on a bicycle who was punched. Again, Cadarrius Dotson stated he did not see the assault take place. When asked about xxx xxx‘s involvement, Cadarrius Dotson told me xxx was at the party that was taking place near the location of occurrence, but was unsure if he was involved.

Darius Blow

Darius Blow Twitter Feed.

I was able to meet with Darius Blow. I questioned him about the same two events and Darius Blow claimed to have not seen the incidents take place or any knowledge of the assaults.

Based on the information that xxx xxx may have been involved I attempted to contact him at his residence, 1001 E. Harrison #706A. Staff at the dormitory confirmed xxx resided at the apartment, but stated he was gone at this time. I left my business card on his door.

A short time later I was contacted by a Henry Service, who advised he was xxx xxx’s attorney and want to know the details of the attempted contact. I provided him with the details and asked if I could meet with xxx. Service indicated they were in the Kansas City area, but would be willing to drive to Springfield in order for an interview to take place.

Upon their arrival (xxx xxx, Service and xxx‘s mother), I conducted an interview with xxx. The following is a synopsis of the interview. It is not verbatim, but accurately reflects the nature of the interview.

I explained the cases I was following up on. I informed him that the investigation led to him as a witness and possible suspect. xxx indicated he knew of the events, but when asked about the Elm assault (12-3839) he stated he was inside and heard about the fight that took place outside. He later reported to me that he heard an individual named “Boobie” whose first name was Byron was responsible for striking the male subject at the Elm address.

When asked about the assault that took place on Madison (12-9766), xxx claimed to have been at a “club” on that night. He stated he was with two other people the whole night. He did recall everyone talking about the incident and remembered the officers were looking for a subject in a blue hooded sweatshirt.

With this information and using police resources, I was able to determine “Boobie” or “Byron” was Byron Hightower. I called Hightower and completed a phone interview of him, due to him being in Kansas City, Missouri. Hightower confirmed a nickname he had was “Boobie”, and told him that his name was mentioned in an investigation involving two assaults in Springfield.

Hightower told me he has not lived in Springfield in two years, but was in Springfield in January and again in later April. I told him about the assault that took place in January (12-3839) on E. Elm. Hightower advised me he knew nothing at all about an assault and there was no way he was involved. When questioned about March incident (12-9766), Hightower stated he wasn’t in Springfield in March and had no information regarding that.

All means to positively identify a suspect have been exhausted. This case will be suspended and no further follow up will be conducted at this time.


Members of the Football Team — and a Coach’s Silence.

Trevor Godfrey

We do not know who assaulted my son Trevor Godfrey, but according to the police report drunken, violent, and destructive Missouri State University football players were outside during the attack, and they probably had something to do with it.

Two people spotted Kelvin Jones, the next door neighbor, running away from the scene of the beating right after it happened. Was he with the football players?

Witnesses say he was. Kelvin Jones is not talking, other than to say he doesn’t know any thing about what happened that night.

Kelvin  Jones

Kelvin Jones


My son was laying on the ground having a seizure caused by a severe concussion from the attack. If not for two alert roommates, one of whom was assaulted by people from the same party just minutes before, my son Trevor could have died.

Ronald Henry, one of the witnesses that did speak with detectives, said a group of football players came to the house extremely intoxicated.He said they were out of hand and were tearing up Kelvin Jones’s house. At one point they broke a coffee table. Ronald Henry said this specific group of football players was in and out of the house all night. From the police report:

He said they (the football players) were out of hand and were tearing up Jones’s house. At one point they broke a coffee table. Henry said this specific group of football players was in and out of the house all night. When Godfrey was assaulted they were outside. At some point they all ran to the front of the house and some came inside. This was when Godfrey was assaulted. Most of this drunken group left the house before police arrived.

When Trevor Godfrey was assaulted they were outside, according to Henry. At some point they all ran to the front of the house and some came inside. Most of this drunken group left the house before police arrived. Ronald Henry said he did not see the assault but believed it was likely they were involved.

When the detectives in charge of the case suspended the investigation due to a lack of evidence, I contacted Terry Allen the football coach for the Missouri State University Bears, as he had never been consulted by the authorities.

coach terry allen

Missouri State football coach Terry Allen

Coach Allen was very sympathetic at first, and agreed to help me try to get to the bottom of this attack.  Around the end of August, however,  Coach Allen quit returning my calls.  Kyle Moats the Athletic Director would not return phone calls either.

Missouri State football player Benny Jones


Two of the football players listed on the police report are listed on the 2012 team roster.  One of them is Benny Jones.

Soon, we will release the names of the other players, including one of the stars of the Missouri State University Bears.


If you know anything about what happened the night of January 28, 2012 please share that information with us at Sherry@JusticeInSpringfield.com

Who is Kelvin Jones?

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones is the only person positively identified as being at the scene of the assault of Trevor Godfrey.

Kelvin Jones was seen running from the area where my son was laying unconscious, bleeding and hurt. Kelvin, and 6-12 others with him, were laughing as they ran away.

Kelvin Jones rented the house at 1142 E. Elm in Springfield, Missouri.  He lived next door to my son. Kelvin lived there with another student from Missouri State University named Emmanuel Chapman.

According to police reports, Two witnesses saw Kelvin Jones and others “run from the rear parking area to the front porch” of his house. A witness said “several in the group were laughing and giggling”

Kelvin and his Fraternity Brothers.

It was after 1 a.m, my son had been in his room when he heard a lot of noise from Kelvin Jones’ party and decided to move his car. His and other cars in the neighborhood had been vandalized after previous parties at the home of Jones.

My son was getting into his car when he was attacked and knocked unconscious. He does not remember anything about it. Photos and medical reports show he was subject to a lengthy and violent attack that included kicks to the face. According to the police report:

Tyler said that when he came back out of his house after being assaulted, he noticed in the group of subjects running away from where Godfrey had been struck was his neighbor Kelvin Jones.


He said he remembered asking Kelvin Jones about what was going on, but did not get a response. Tyler said he may not know who assaulted Trevor Godfrey, but he was certain Kelvin Jones was with the group that was in the same area of the attack at the time it occurred.

This was the second assault from people at that party. Thirty minutes before the mob attacked my son, Tyler was also punched in the head by people he can not identify.

“Do you play football?” they asked him.

When he said “No” that is when one of the group punched him in the head from behind.

Kelvin Jones has been uncooperative with police. He said he did not see anything, know anything, or know anyone who did know anything. Other people at the party said the police were profiling them because they were black. They also refused to cooperate.

The leaders of Kelvin Jones’ fraternity with President Obama.

Kelvin Jones works at the Cracker Barrel Country Store in Springfield. He is from St. Louis Taken from Facebook (“Im from St. Louis i was born and raised in Pine Lawn N**** What!?”). He attended Lutheran High School North.

According to his Facebook page, Kelvin is “Not a Fighter, But will           Knock you the **** out.”

He was an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. His roommate, Emmanuel Chapman, was the president of the fraternity. Several members of Omega Psi Phi were also present at the party, as were members of the Missouri State University football team. Police reports indicate football players were drunk, disorderly, hostile and destructive.

Two months later, Jones was among 75 people to attend a rally to remember Trayvon Martin and demanded justice for the February 26,  2012 shooting death.

“We are not going to be quiet or remain silent for unfair treatment,” said one of the speakers, as quoted in the Springfield News-Leader.

Kelvin Jones was among at least two people from the party to attend this rally. He was interviewed by the Springfield NewsLeader and told the local paper “he experienced racism in Springfield.” Taken from the article-

“Jones said he was in front of the house he rents near campus teaching some black female students some dance moves, when a vehicle drove by with three whites, one of whom shouted a racial slur.”


“It’s something they feel comfortable saying when they are in a vehicle and they can get away,” Jones said.


“What we hope to accomplish is justice for Trayvon, No.1, and possible the elimination of racism in America,” he said.

We are hoping that Kelvin Jones’ commitment to justice will cause him to listen to the speaker who said they would “not remain silent for unfair treatment.”

It is time for us to tell Kelvin Jones and his friends we will not tolerate violence.

It is time for him to tell us why he and friends were laughing as they ran away from my son that was laying on the ground convulsing after the severe blow to his head.

Now would be good.

You can email me here: Sherry@JusticeinSpringfield.com