Who is Kelvin Jones?

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones is the only person positively identified as being at the scene of the assault of Trevor Godfrey.

Kelvin Jones was seen running from the area where my son was laying unconscious, bleeding and hurt. Kelvin, and 6-12 others with him, were laughing as they ran away.

Kelvin Jones rented the house at 1142 E. Elm in Springfield, Missouri.  He lived next door to my son. Kelvin lived there with another student from Missouri State University named Emmanuel Chapman.

According to police reports, Two witnesses saw Kelvin Jones and others “run from the rear parking area to the front porch” of his house. A witness said “several in the group were laughing and giggling”

Kelvin and his Fraternity Brothers.

It was after 1 a.m, my son had been in his room when he heard a lot of noise from Kelvin Jones’ party and decided to move his car. His and other cars in the neighborhood had been vandalized after previous parties at the home of Jones.

My son was getting into his car when he was attacked and knocked unconscious. He does not remember anything about it. Photos and medical reports show he was subject to a lengthy and violent attack that included kicks to the face. According to the police report:

Tyler said that when he came back out of his house after being assaulted, he noticed in the group of subjects running away from where Godfrey had been struck was his neighbor Kelvin Jones.


He said he remembered asking Kelvin Jones about what was going on, but did not get a response. Tyler said he may not know who assaulted Trevor Godfrey, but he was certain Kelvin Jones was with the group that was in the same area of the attack at the time it occurred.

This was the second assault from people at that party. Thirty minutes before the mob attacked my son, Tyler was also punched in the head by people he can not identify.

“Do you play football?” they asked him.

When he said “No” that is when one of the group punched him in the head from behind.

Kelvin Jones has been uncooperative with police. He said he did not see anything, know anything, or know anyone who did know anything. Other people at the party said the police were profiling them because they were black. They also refused to cooperate.

The leaders of Kelvin Jones’ fraternity with President Obama.

Kelvin Jones works at the Cracker Barrel Country Store in Springfield. He is from St. Louis Taken from Facebook (“Im from St. Louis i was born and raised in Pine Lawn N**** What!?”). He attended Lutheran High School North.

According to his Facebook page, Kelvin is “Not a Fighter, But will           Knock you the **** out.”

He was an active member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. His roommate, Emmanuel Chapman, was the president of the fraternity. Several members of Omega Psi Phi were also present at the party, as were members of the Missouri State University football team. Police reports indicate football players were drunk, disorderly, hostile and destructive.

Two months later, Jones was among 75 people to attend a rally to remember Trayvon Martin and demanded justice for the February 26,  2012 shooting death.

“We are not going to be quiet or remain silent for unfair treatment,” said one of the speakers, as quoted in the Springfield News-Leader.

Kelvin Jones was among at least two people from the party to attend this rally. He was interviewed by the Springfield NewsLeader and told the local paper “he experienced racism in Springfield.” Taken from the article-

“Jones said he was in front of the house he rents near campus teaching some black female students some dance moves, when a vehicle drove by with three whites, one of whom shouted a racial slur.”


“It’s something they feel comfortable saying when they are in a vehicle and they can get away,” Jones said.


“What we hope to accomplish is justice for Trayvon, No.1, and possible the elimination of racism in America,” he said.

We are hoping that Kelvin Jones’ commitment to justice will cause him to listen to the speaker who said they would “not remain silent for unfair treatment.”

It is time for us to tell Kelvin Jones and his friends we will not tolerate violence.

It is time for him to tell us why he and friends were laughing as they ran away from my son that was laying on the ground convulsing after the severe blow to his head.

Now would be good.

You can email me here: Sherry@JusticeinSpringfield.com

23 thoughts on “Who is Kelvin Jones?

  1. I don’t know anything but will trell all of my friends about this and if they anything to contact you. I’m very sorry to her this and your and your son will be in my prayers. Whoever did this needs to spend their lifetime in jail and needs to be sewed. I don’t know who your son is but will spread the word to mY friends.

  2. I hate that Trevor had to go through this. It’s infuriating that kids aligned with MSU are acting like common thugs. I hope you get cooperation from all the powers that be and find who did it.

  3. Until about two weeks ago, when I quit, I worked with Kel at Instinct Nightclub downtown. It scares me to think about how many times I was left alone with that guy, if he is capable of this.

  4. So sorry for what happened to your son or anyones son reguardless of race. When much drinking becomes involved or any personal agenda, innocent people get hurt or killed. Praying your son heals physically and mentally and that ALL involved will be punished. If not here, they will answer for it one day!

  5. Our thoughts are with Trevor. It is just a matter of time before the individuals who are responsible will face justice. Kelvin Jones will likely graduate from Missouri State Penitentiary before amounting to anything at MSU.

    • First of all you all know nothing about Kelvin; but to read an article and assume is pure blasphemy. This is a guy on campus who works to present a positive image, who always has a smile on his face and is greeting anyone and everyone. I can tell just by reading all the comments going down this page that everyone is just about bringing another black man down. The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is a business oriented fraternity that promotes a voice for young African American men; NOT VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!. For people to comment saying common thugs just shows how stereotypical you all can be. Sad. We are all children of God.

      • We MIGHT all be children of G_D– IF we have asked Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. Those persons who have not asked Jesus to be that for them, have “blasphemed the Holy Spirit”- saying in effect that He does not tell the truth about who we are. All of us are sinners- those that G_D accepts into His kingdom are also forgiven- washed in the blood shed on the Cross by the perfect Lamb of God. Those who do not ask for Jesus to forgive them, belong to the ruler of this world- Satan.

  6. I really hope it doesn’t turn out that Kelvin in fact WASN’T the guy that did this, because if that’s the case then you can go to jail for slandering this young man’s name.

      • @Dan, I would suggest that you read @Anonymous’s comment again – there is nothing in there even alluding to ill will.

        Actually, this family could be charged with “defamation per se”. If these published allegations against Mr. Kelvin Jones, et al, turn out to be false, I would think he/they would have a very strong case as he/they has/have been accused of a crime.

  7. Tim Buck sounds like as much of a coward as the low life cowards who pertpetrated this attack. But then what do you expect, birds of a feather….none of these cowards would ever attempt to try this one on one or face to face…..

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  9. It’s interesting that these Q-Dogs didn’t listen to their most famous brother Dr. William Henry Cosby, Jr., about how to properly act so they don’t tarnish the reputation of their fraternity.

  10. The Misouri State University is responsible for perpertrating this violance and should be charged as such. The knockout game could constitute murder and charges of conspiragy of attempted murder are justified.

  11. I’m a mom & grandmom. I feel “sick” every time we hear of another incidence of this escalating black on white violence.

    Especially when no charges are ever brought nor often pursued. No violence is ever justified, as far as that goes – my opinions are not “black vs. white or Asian or any race”.

    I just pray that the ones responsible will get tired of their sleepless nights and go to authorities and start a trend of “coming clean”. I appreciate this website, Sherry, and your pro-active courage. I pray that your son will heal, physically and emotionally from this trauma. And I pray for the parents and grandparents of the violent, young football “stars” who are probably just as sick about their offspring’s actions as we are, or they surely should be. Blessings and protection upon you and yours.

  12. Of the many things that strike me as being obvious for what is left out of how legal authorities or school officials or even fraternity officers are approaching this, what is the most clear is that they are ignoring or avoiding the aspect of “association and friendship,” because for a situation like this, it wholly and completely applies. Groups like fraternities and football teams, as well as people bound together in the name of a certain cause, do not stay silent with one another. They tell things to one another because they have to feel a sense of sick pride for standing up for something that, in situations like this, exists only in their minds. Some will speak out about something or someone and some of those being talked to will want to be involved in doing a thing the talkers are talking about while yet others will voice their agreement and support even if not actually involved in the doing of an act.

    There are so many lies here by those who say they don’t know anything and who say they don’t know of anyone who did anything. So many lies that they justify in their childish immature minds.

    To not care about the simplicity that a neighbor who lives there just like they do, just wants to move his car so that it will less likely be damaged by the fault and blame of the partying neighbors to begin with, and instead to invent a reason that he is deserving of being beaten by answering “no’ to being asked if he plays football, is proof all by itself of how utterly childish and selfishly hateful and hypocritical they are. That proof is further made very clear by the widening cover-up and expanding mental irresponsibility of how they are handling themselves and believing about themselves and their fellow students.

    It is an obvious thing that many many people were involved that night, and continue to be involved each day. This is obvious by both, that they know the people who did it, and also their hypocritical justifications and lies to say things that are only in defense of their inner insecure expectation that to them, they did nothing wrong and how inside themselves, they demand others to not disagree with their expectation.

    None of the people at that party are showing a strong and sincere desire that the starters of the violence and all those in support of it and hiding it, would be called out and brought to justice. It is obvious and clear by all the things being said by them that there is no interest in that. There is no sensitivity for that. There is no maturity of personal responsibility in any of them to rise above the immaturity and selfish childish rage of those who actually did the violence. I see this fraternity, as well as at least a part of the football team, as a joke brotherhood because it is by their own actions and words that they judge their own selves to exist only in their own selfish childish world of insecure childish uncontrolled emotionalism that has no objectivity or fairness. They say they will stand up to and not back down from the injustice of racism, yet they hypocritize their own selves.

    Or maybe it was, in fact, just some selfishly hateful football players that wanted to beat on someone just because he didn’t play football, but then it ballooned from there to go beyond that for some or many of them who proove it their own selves by their own accusations against the police and whoever else for being racist just because they’re black. There are so many lessons of intelligence through time and societies, even in the past several decades, that should be obvious but whose obviousness escapes these people, because it is their own hate of racism that causes them to be racist themselves. They become this without even knowing it and without any emotional maturity or patience to take a step back from time-to-time to ask themselves “hey wait a minute, am I becoming racist myself?” The chief and foremost question any hater of racism should ask themself, and whose answer would be the answer to that question about themself, is this: “does that person I’m about to speak to or do something to, have reason to be afraid or protective by what I want to say or do, just because of their color and not because of what I would learn by first talking to them to get to know them?”

    And football players could also apply that question to themsevles from the sense of the person they’re about to talk to or do something to, just on whether or not that person plays football or another sport. Besides, when an emotionally-charged group of partying football players at a house that’s already known for its roudiness and childish destruction to neighbors’ things, it is being mature and responsible, as well as intelligent, to already be on guard against things getting out of hand. Which says what about the people who live there and the others who were there? Afraid or nervous to stand against the football players?…or in agreement and enthusiasm with what they are like as people and what they did?

    The questioning and focus by police and detectives, as well as the university and also the Greek organization that oversees the fraternities and sororities, is missing the mark by looking at what can only be proven by specific names. Especially since several people were all together running away with Kelvin from the beating. It is as a group that this is being lied about, as a group it is being felt and believed about in a justified and funny way that they took out their rage and hate so fully, and as a group it is selfishly hatefully justified as not being something they did that was wrong and especially criminal. It would be mature and personally intelligent for those who weren’t involved in the beating, to never ever want to be around or even associated with those people again, and to even go to police and university officials to report bullyings and the like if they would be chastised for wanting to stay away. You’re at a university, are you not? A place of higher learning? Well prove it. Prove it to yourselves, and prove it to those who know you have been friends with or associated with those involved in this beating, because no doubt there are plenty of students and faculty who are utterly abhored by what happened, and no doubt you know some of them since you’re in classes with them and walk around that same campus with them.

    On Kelvin’s Facebook page, he states….
    “When an Omega looks in the mirror, Looking back he sees, A man of Strength, Heart, and Masculinity”

    You’re kidding right? Of course not, at least to your own twisted and self-justified mind to believe good and arrogant things about yourselves, just to believe good and arrogant things about yourselves. Because in truth, your personality and attitude is nothing like that. Nothing. You don’t even deserve to believe internally about yourselves that you are in a university of higher learning, but instead you should be attending emotional kindergarten under the direction of a pastor who fully knows the heart and spirit of the living God. Real masculinity, and the real strength that is about being a real man, is everything that you have all demonstrated about yourselves that you are not.

    And these writings here from your Facebook page???….
    “N-tel-leQ JΩNES is uniQUE u might think u can meet someone just like him or maybe even better but… they will do nothin but fail in comparison in every single aspect, sorry 2 inform u! (this is Kelvin J Jones and i approve this message)”

    ….the mixing of lower-case and upper-case letters, using the letter “u” instead of the word “you,” the number “2” instead of the word “to,” all demonstrate, besides a complete lack of intelligence and masculine maturity, an attitude and personality of arrogance and cockiness that is reprehensibly void of a sense of personal responsibility about you being an equal human being right along with others. And all that mixing of letters to make a word at the beginning that sounds and looks like the word “intelligent,” is only yet another obvious and clear proof of your depraved sense of genuine inner of feeling secure about yourself and having to make yourself sound and feel better by more arrogant conceitedness.

    You are a liar about yourself. You are a liar about what is decent and good for how to be as a person. You are in a group of people who, if they like and support how you write about yourself, are also liars for how to talk about yourselves with any sense of geuine honesty and sense of respect about fellow human beings. You are a liar. You are in a group of liars. You lie about “strength, heart, and masculinity,” because despite knowing the words, you are blind and deaf to what they mean on inner levels in the mind and emotions of personality and attitude towards fellow human beings. I know about those things. I know what those things are. I know what those things feel like on the inside. That you and your so-called fraternity brothers would use such words to describe yourselves, is proof of only how arrogant and self-deceptive you are to believe you are those ways when the personality and attitudes you exude are the opposite.

    “I just love to learn, kick it, dance, hop, sang, meet new people, and shit spend money.”

    …..and a cocky arrogance of spending money, so you’ve got money to spend on stuff that you like to brag about and show off, besides just bragging about and showing off that you have money that you are very obviously immature and unmasculine about. Possibly unlike your neighbor who came outside just because of wanting to move his car so it wouldn’t get damaged by a bunch of childish immature roudy football jerk-jocks whose sense of insecurity and inner weakness is exhibited by exercising power above fellow human beings by causing damage to their things which cost money to repair that those people shouldn’t have to go through the frustration of having to spend when they have their own needs and hopes and desires for what they need to spend their money on. So what did you think of all the stuff in your house that they were destroying that money will have to be spent on to fix? Nice friends, huh? I think you and the others should be spending some of your bragging-and-arrogance money on what you damaged and on medical expenses of the beating.

    “.:AQUARIUS:. Does it in the water:. Trustworthy. Sexy. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being in long-term relationships. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a Fighter, But will Knock you the FUCK out. Amazing in bed, THE BEST LOVERS BETTER THAN EVERYONE!”
    …..So much typical arrogance and bragging conceitedness here too. It is so common that you and the others like you can think of so many things to say about yourselves that make yourselves sound so good and worth knowing but in reality they are only words concocted by a conceited arrogant mind just to make yourself feel good, since your personalities and attitudes are everything that is the opposite. But those are just the words that are good, since so many of the words there are childish and emotionally depraved of inner security and genuine self-esteem. You love long-term relationships? How many is that? A lot? Then you lie about liking long-term relationships, because the real heart of a real man would love being in a long-term relationship because of wanting it to last.

    To “mike” and “tim buck” who commented above (and who I’d be willing to bet were there if not specifically guilty, or at least close friends with those who are guilty), your sense of justice and fairness is a lie inside yourselves. There are lies and manipulated justifications and hidings going on left-and-right in what’s being said to the families, loved ones, campus authorities, and legal authorities. They are said by those who are guilty for the purpose of not getting caught and not having to face and admit how very very wrong they were. And they are said by others who were there so as to either protect those who are guilty or said out of fear for being found by those who are guilty and be targeted for talking to authorities. I must say it is interesting, and even revealing about yourself that you say “hell will be the only thing close to life,” because what you are describing and judging is you yourself on the inside. All you can think of and feel is hate and rage for anything to be said and found out that would bring true justice to the wrongdoers. It is you who are already living in that hell and you are living there because you choose it and create it for yourself every single day. The only thing you are, in truth, doing by saying what you said, is judging your own self in that you are claiming that you will bring the hell to others that is already inside of you but which is not the case with the people who you are saying it to. They are living inside of justice and fairness by talking about their story and by talking about the people involved and by putting up pictures of those people that are already up in public places. It is childish arrogance and selfish hate of you and others that is trying to stay secret and that doesn’t care about the utter and total wrongdoing that they themselves chose to initiate and instigate. You and those others know very well that if you or your friends or loved ones were attacked out of the blue without starting anything, that you’d be furiously rageful and screaming to find out by any means necessary, who did it so that you, by your own words of how you are as a person, could take out revenge by utter violence or murder. Which, by the proof of the actions of making these articles public instead of rageful violence, is on the opposite side of the galaxy from how you and others are inside your world of hate and rageful anger. You are a liar to yourself to not care about seeing the love and supporting defending strength of family and friends for what happened so undeservedly to someone who hadn’t started anything.

    To the police and detectives, I say get your focus straight and right. The proof and evidence really is right there in front of your eyes, especially with several specific people being indentified. Stop being afraid of the mere accusation of being racist in your investigation since it has zero substance and merit, absolutely none, and it should be common sense to see that because of the arrogant manipulation and justification by the perpetrators to not care about what they did and to also defend it in their own way as being justified to their twisted selfish arrogant minds. To the university officials and the organization that oversees fraternities and sororities, you should be abhored that these people are in a fraternity and you should be abhored that this fraternity exists if all of them collectively are not in support of them being stripped of the fraternity name. They should be stripped of the existence of their Greek name and they should be forced to repeat the school credits of this semester and they should be forced to live in dorm rooms apart from each other instead of roommates with each other, instead of the privilege of off-campus, and then let the rules and justice of campus housing deal with continued wrongdoing that would result from how much they would hate being in dorms, if they were not expelled or sent to jail. To the coaches of the sports teams, these players should be kicked off the team and any scholarships revoked for the scholarship money to go to students who actually deserve it and who would be trustworthy with being appreciative of attending a university by financial burdens being made less or eliminated.

  13. God seen everything and He will take care of it; not your timing but His. Pray for yourself and your families, the days are evil.

  14. Prison time; no fraternity and no football ever again and no poses with Obama ! You Kevin are a poor excuse for a man. If you mother is alive ~ you have sullied her name.

  15. Great news for all those people who have no morals about themselves that know what happened that night but just do not want to speak out because its the right thing to do. You can go to http://www.springfieldmo.gov/spd/generalinfo/crimestoppers.html and submit a tip which can remain anonymous if you want it to and they will give you up to a $1,000 reward for helping them solve the crime! If your morals won’t make you talk because you have none, maybe money will.

    I would also like to add that I think Missouri State University should offer up a cash reward for the arrest of the people who were responsible for this. If you agree with me or would like to express your concern with the President of the MSU about what has happened to Trevor and other victims of the attacks that have been going on at MSU you can find the President’s contact information on the following link: http://www.missouristate.edu/president/contact.aspx

    The President’s name is Clif Smart and his e-mail address is CliftonSmart@MissouriState.edu and his office phone number is 417-836-8500. His Assistants name is Paul Kincaid and his e-mail address is PaulKincaid@MissouriState.edu. His office phone number is 417-836-5139 This is all listed on their contact information on the Missouri State University Web site.

    If you disagree with the lack of empathy, help, and the fact that their University has not disciplined anyone for this, please call or e-mail them letting them know how you feel about this as a member of the community. If they realize that community members know what is going on and the way the University is not helping, they may want to keep their reputation from being tarnished and will take some type of action against those present at the out of control party that night that resulted in Trevor being attacked.

  16. “knockout” assaults have occurred in STL many times, and the police don’t seem willing to do much here either. They came close to being able to prosecute one group, but at the last minute the key witness was threatened into silence.

    An elderly Asian man was killed last year, and another man was nearly beaten to death, saved only by the Mayor of STL who happened to be driving by at the time.

    You can be sure a group of caucasian people would be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and no stone would be left unturned in finding those responsible.

    There is definitely a double-standard.

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